Our Mission
cardPresso is always developing cutting edge ID Card solutions. 

Our programmers have used the most recent innovations from different fields of information and ID security technologies.
Our goal is to create the perfect balance of functionality and usability, while ensuring end users ease in using our software. We're constantly exceeding our goals through the team efforts of our developers, analysts, re-sellers and our most important contributors, our clients.
Distinguished Features
Simplicity and ease of use.
Our software is focused on a friendly and easy usage. For that reason our R&D and Support Team work continuously improving the software and providing support materials so that our clients can take full advantage of our software.

Expert development.
Our Development Team works diligently to surpass proposed objectives and market tendency, always looking for to be reference in our business area.
Top rated support.
One of our major concerns is to have satisfied customers and for that reason we guarantee high quality free technical support. We provide technotes, video tutorials, phone, Skype and email support, always trying to be proficient and fast in our response.

Our day-a-day work is guided by excellence, customer focus and innovation, always looking for to become a strong and reliable partner in our customer’s business.